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Sportsgram Internet Sports Network was founded to serve underserved high school and collegiate athletic programs with live game day broadcasts.

The Internet has revolutionized broadcasting and Sportsgram harnesses the power of the Internet to broadcast your events literally around the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio.

Our goals are simple:

1. Promote your high school or college athletic programs through the use of live and on demand professional, cutting edge and upbeat game day broadcasts.

2. Offer an opportunity for local businesses to grow at the grass roots level by getting their message to a targeted audience through sponsorship of game day broadcasts.

Why Choose Sportsgram?

Sportsgram doesn’t just concentrate on one sport like some broadcasters. We can literally broadcast any athletic event. Our broadcast team has experience in the following sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball and Hockey.

Superior Sound – Sportsgram broadcast live from your event across the Internet at FM quality, so your listeners get that sense of being “at the game”!

Ease of Access – our broadcast uses H.264. You can hear our broadcast on desktop, mobile devices and tablets. No additional software to add, and we never ask our listeners for personal information to gain access to our broadcast.

On Demand Listening – all of our broadcast are archived for up to a year so your fans can relive those great sports moments over and over!

On Air Broadcast Team – we team a seasoned broadcaster with someone from your community so there is always a link back to your fan base!

Production Quality – quality productions you can be proud to have associated with your athletic program or event.

No matter where you are located. If you can provide a power outlet, then we can make the broadcast happen!

We encourage you to explore our archives and hear the difference! Contact us today at 214-803-4468 or at info@sportsgram.net

Be a part of the broadcast revolution at Sportsgram!

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